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Why Young Couples are into RVing

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 5:13pm, Monday 21 March 2016.

Recently, there has been a dramatic surge of young couples abandoning living in a traditional home and opting for a mobile life. Most people may be wondering why young couples are into RVing these days. It is likely that many young couples are RVing because they have realized unique benefits with the lifestyle. For one, RVing is a cheaper way to own a home. It is also a lot cheaper to maintain a motorhome than it is to maintain a traditional home. Itís a great way for couples who love the outdoors to enjoy the freedom. Some young couples are into Rving because it helps them to eat healthier. Moreover, some couples see RVing as a great way to help them grow individually and as a couple.

Cheaper way to own a Home

One of the most important reasons that attract young couples into RVing is the cost of owning a home. When you compare the cost of owning a traditional home or an apartment and the cost of buying an RV, you find that there is a huge difference. The cost of buying an RV that can comfortably accommodate two adults is equivalent to the cost of paying rent for a big city apartment for one year, and far less than a full years rent in many other cities across the country. It is also less than the cost of paying for a house mortgage. As you can see, RVing is becoming increasingly popular among young couples due to these significant savings on home ownership.

Cheaper to maintain

Besides being a cheaper way to own a home, RVing is also popular among young couples because it is a cheaper way to maintain a house. It is also easier to clean up the place in an RV than in a conventional home. Rving also encourages couples to cook their own food rather than eat out or get food delivered. Young couples are into RVing because they have realized how cheap it can be just to live.

Great Way to Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Young couples, especially those who work as freelancers, are into RVing because of the freedom it offers them to explore the great outdoors. RVing offers young couples who love exploring the outdoors a great way to do just that. The best thing is that they can do it together. The iea that you can just drive to some camp in the middle of nowhere and set up camp offers couples a lot of freedom to get away from all the noise and rush of the busy city life.

Helps to Build the Overall Person

RVing definitely teaches you a couple of things that you donít get to learn when living in a conventional home or apartment. For instance, you have to learn how to cook your own food when on the road. This helps to promote eating healthier foods and fresh produce. Again, RVing helps you to be more organized and responsible.

If you are a young couple and are interesting in buying a Florida motorhome, we would encourage you to stop by Florida Outdoors RV today!

There are several reasons why young couples are into RVing these days. While it is obvious that there are certain benefits you get to enjoy living in an RV as a couple, it is also true that many couples are realizing other indirect benefits that the lifestyle offers. Given the volatility and uncertainties that are often associated with the housing market, there is a possibility that we are likely to see a greater increase in the popularity of RVing among young couples.  



Trailer vs Motorhome Pros and Cons

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 5:10pm, Monday 21 March 2016.

Once you have decided to become an RVer, you typically have two choices when it comes to the type of recreational vehicle. You can either choose to buy a travel trailer or a motorhome (motorized RV). A travel trailer and a motorized home have certain features that make them distinct, and both of them have pros and cons that you will need to weigh when making your choice.


It is only natural to compare prices when buying such a big item. A travel trailer will typically cost less than a motorhome (RV) because a travel trailer does not come with an engine. However, you need to consider the fact that you need a towing vehicle in order to move a travel trailer. In most cases, you will need a full-size pick up truck to tow the trailer RV. On the other hand, a motorized RV will cost more than a travel trailer because it comes equipped with an engine, which means that you donít need a towing vehicle.

Convenience/User Friendliness

When it comes to convenience or user friendliness, a motorhome is especially user-friendly when you are on the road. The main advantage with a motorhome is that it offers the passengers access to the full range of motorhome amenities. A quick nap is only a few steps to the bed or coach, while a snack is only as far as the refrigerator. Additionally, you have direct access to the lavatory in a motorhome. On the flip side, a travel trailer may have all the amenities you will find in a motorhome, but you have to stop on the road and get out of the towing vehicle in order to access the amenities. This can be inconvenient especially when you are traveling in remote areas at night.

Driving Experience

The driving experience in a motorhome is quite different from that of a travel trailer. For starters, the engine noise in most motorhomes is louder than a truck or car towing a trailer, unless of course you are using a very loud diesel engine to pull the trailer. When it comes to braking experience, a towed trailer is far less reliable and responsive than a motorhome. The braking system in a trailer RV is a manual mechanism and it often experiences inference and shifting. This means that it needs frequent adjustments from time to time. The braking system in a travel trailer is not very reliable in emergency braking situations, unlike the hard-wired electronic braking system of a motorhome.


When it comes to safety and stability, you will find that driving a travel trailer is more involving and cumbersome than driving a motorhome. In fact, driving a travel trailer is somewhat of a full-time job and there is no time to relax or keep your eyes off the road. It is very involving since you should always keep both hands on the wheel and keep your head in the game all the times. A travel trailer tends to sway whenever a huge truck or tractor trailer passes at high speeds due to the air displacement. On the contrary, a motorhome is a lot more stable. Motorhomes are bulky, so sometimes driving those takes some getting used to, especially in tight places.

When choosing between a travel trailer and a motorhome sale in Florida, it is important to consider your lifestyle, the driving conditions you expect to be encountering, the price of the vehicle, and the convenience that comes with each choice. Overall, your choice will be influenced by your needs and the tradeoffs you have to make in picking a particular choice.    


Tent Camping vs RVing

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 5:08pm, Monday 21 March 2016.

When you are planning to go on vacation, it is only natural that you think about your accommodation. If you donít like the idea of a hotel room or have not yet invested in a holiday home, you are typically left with two options, tent camping, buying or renting a recreational vehicle (RV). Of course staying with a family member or a friend is another option, but it can be very inconvenient for both you and your host. Since you only have the option of tent camping, renting or buying an RV, there are several things you need to consider when choosing. Here are a couple of important things you should consider when choosing between motor-homing and tent camping.

Numerous Conveniences of Motor-homing

An RV offers a lot of convenience, especially if you are going on a family camping vacation. The most important thing that makes RV camping more convenient than tent camping is that an RV offers a more stable and secure accommodation than tent camping. A motorized home is also better built to withstand the forces of nature (wind, rain and sunlight) than a tent.

Secondly, an RV offers more convenience when it comes to storing of equipment and luggage. In an RV, there is ample and secure space to keep your entire luggage. Most RVs come with special storage spaces like cabinets and drawers where you can keep your things. Additionally, all the equipment your camping party will need is located in a central location that is within easy reach of everyone.

Thirdly, a motorized home comes outfitted with essential amenities that you donít get to enjoy while tent camping. Just a side note, at Florida Outdoors RV, we would love to help you find a motorhome for sale in Florida.  For instance, most RVs have a cooking stove, microwave, toilet, bath, bunk beds, dining area, power outlet, electric lights, heating and air conditioning and a living area. These amenities simplify a lot of things and make motor-camping more fun and enjoyable when compared to tent camping.

If you decide to camp in a tent, you will have to ensure you organize for things like a cooking fire, place to take a bath, water, and other essentials. The problem with tent camping is that you have to carry and store all your bulky luggage and equipment, which can be very frustrating if you are out camping with a large group.


One of the overriding factors that will influence your choice between motor-homing and tent camping is your budget. For starters, tent camping is remarkably cheaper than RVing. With tent camping, you donít have to factor in the cost of renting or buying it at all. With RVing, you have to consider the cost of maintaining and transporting the RV. You will most likely have to get a vehicle that can pull the RV if you donít have one. Alternatively, you can buy or rent an RV that can be driven. However, this will cost you a lot more.

Overall, you have to make some trade-offs when choosing between RVing and tent camping. Of course RVing comes with several amenities that you donít get with tent camping. However, all the benefits you get with RVing are enjoyed at a certain cost, which is significantly greater than that of simple tent camping.   




How to Winterize a Motorhome

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 5:06pm, Monday 21 March 2016.

When the camping season ends, especially in the snow-belt regions and before temperatures start to plummet towards freezing, itís the perfect time to ready your RV for winter. Of course you can choose to take your motorized home to a maintenance shop for winterization, but if you are keen on saving on cost and you are handy, you can do the job yourself. Hereís a simple guide on how to winterize a motorhome.


One of the most important items that need special care during the winter months is your RVís plumbing system. The plumbing system in an RV is difficult to maintain especially since most of it is hidden inside the walls and cabinets, making repairs extremely expensive. You need to drain the entire plumbing by blowing out the system compressed air. Alternatively, you can ensure your RVís drainage is ready for winter by filling the system with antifreeze and bypass it through the system using the RVs internal water pump, or an external water pump. You donít want your faucets, pipes, drains, valves and pumps to expand and split/break because the water left inside the systems froze. You always want to make sure you're taking care of your motorhome purchase, especially in the Florida cold weather.


Flat spots can develop on tires after a couple of months because they are under tons of pounds. If the RV comes with leveling jacks, you can follow the manufacturerís guidelines on raising the rig off the ground for long durations. Alternatively, you can use outside jacks if you have them. Do not confuse leveling jacks and stabilizing jacks. The latter are not designed to hold the rig off the ground for extended periods. In case you donít have any jacks, it is advisable to move the RV approximately one-half the tire revolution occasionally during the winter months in order to redistribute the weight.


It is advisable to top off your RVís fuel tanks in order to prevent any condensation from developing in the tanks. As part of engine maintenance during winter months, you should add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine for a couple of minutes to allow the fuel stabilizer to pass through the system. Additionally, ensure that the radiator is filled with the right type of automotive antifreeze for your RV. Do not forget to check the brake fluid, oil and windshield cleaning water solution.

Stabilizing Jacks

You should lower your RVís stabilizer jacks to ensure the vehicle is steady while someone is walking around the inside. Use stable wooden blocks under the jackís base to prevent the jacks from getting frozen to the storage pad below. Furthermore, you should coat all the pivot points using graphite or silicone spray to keep off rust.


If your RV uses maintenance-type batteries, you need to top off the batteriesí fluid levels. Ensure that the batteries are fully charged as well. During the winter season the batteries should be removed and stored in a warm dry place. If you youíre already storing the batteries, you probably have already disconnected the cables.

The important things you need to know when learning how to winterize a motorhome are not so complicated. Essentially, it is important to ensure that all the RVís critical components and systems are protected from the harsh cold weather, as well as from other risks resulting from prolonged disuse of the RV (e.g. pest invasion and damage).      

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